Well, it's not really a new trail but I wanted to get your attention! There's a great but neglected and seldom used trail south of Acton in north L.A. county. It goes up the north flank of Mt. Gleason for at least 5 miles to the south and about 3 to the north towards Soledad Cyn Rd. It has lots of slow speed technical stuff in and out of ravines and gullies with lots of swooping, sharp turns. It has a few rocky spots and is mostly very narrow.

So why am I telling you about this? Because I want more people to know about it and ride it with me so that,at a later date, we can get some people out to work on this trail and make it even better! It has some ruts, eroded gully crossings and major overgrowth issues.

I'll be riding it this Sunday 5-21-06 at 9:00 a.m. Here's how to get there if you like my pitch! Go to Acton on the 14 fwy (Antelope Valley Fwy) and exit at Santiago Cyn Rd. Turn south on Santiago to Soledad Cyn Rd. Turn right on Soledad to Aliso Cyn Rd. Turn left on Aliso, cross the RR tracks and go past Blum Ranch. About a mile past the ranch, you'll see a large dirt parking area where FSR 4N32 intersects. I'll be parked here at 9:00 a.m. Sunday 5-21-06 in my silver Chevy truck.

So come on out and ride a different trail. It's in bad shape now but has great potential with a little TLC and hard trail work. If you feel motivated, I'll see you on Sunday!