Sorry for the short notice, but if you have a friend with an interest in mountain biking and lives in or near Orange County, CA, you may want to check this out and pass it on.
PM for rizvip

A great opportunity to get started in mountain biking or learn a few new skills. This is a free event sponsored by the Sierra Club Mountain Bike Committee, BUT an RSVP is required so we know what to expect.
You'll need a mountain bike in working order, a helmet (absolutely no exceptions), a sense of humor and 3 bucks for the county parking lot.
The event lasts about 4 hours. Early start.

March 10 Sat Mountain Bike

O: Aliso/Woods Park, New Rider Day:
Always wanted to try mountain biking but just didn’t know where to start? Here’s your chance to get some one on one instruction on handling, trail etiquette, maintenance, upgrading your bike or choosing a new one; plus lots of tips and hints on what extras you’ll need, clothing to wear and places to ride. Ride will be close to flat and short: 6 mi, 50’ of gain (A/T1/E1).