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    new to northcounty sd

    hello. my name is adam. i have been riding a bmx bike for 10 year. But due to years of drops to flat, stairs, dirt jumps, flips, whips, and OTB(over the bars) im ready to move on to something new. I have always wanted a mountain bike and i think now is the time. i have now got the idea of what kind of bike i want. ie 2009 Jamis Komodo l. It is, i believe a smooth transition without dropping 2k in a full downhill bike. i plain on doing the stuff i liked about bmx. Which would included tabletops, small wedge jumps, and drops. But i want to try the whole wood bridge/ramp/drop things. haha. So yea hi. ill be getting the bike before 2011 and be riding all over nourth county.

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    65 - local to San Diego - More downhillers I think in San Diego - all the tech advice, purchasing advice and passion to round things out

    I am not mtbbill - but I wish I was!

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    Welcome to the world of MTB, please be conscious of the environment and leave your shovel at home.
    telling me to stay out of a former bombing range next to a dump while you build huge houses next to it? Screw you.-sandmangts

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