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    Need opinion on this route

    SM100-1/3rd | Strava Route

    Where is a good place to fill up water?
    Is there going to be anything super gnarly?
    Are there any closed segments?

    I haven't ridden up bulldog before and I've never ridden near Latigo.

    I missed the Tahoe 100k because of a pet emergency so I'm trying to make a route to "make up for it"

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    You'll have a hard time filling up on water once you are in the hills but while moving along PCH, no problemo.
    Go toward the light. Fear not. Lord Hawg is waiting for you on the other side.

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    That's the main problem I'm struggling with. After I get onto Topanga Canyon, I'd rather not hit the convenience store, but I guess its an ok option.

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    Theres a water fountain and a bathroom at the top of Reseda blvd that requires about a 100 yard detour off of dirt mulholland

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    You will pass through Trippet Ranch on your way to Entrada/Topanga. You can refill water there.

    You will also pass through Malibu Creek State Park on your way to Bulldog. You should be able to refill water there, as there are spigots. Might want to call the park to make sure potable water is currently available there, though.

    Beyond that, there are no other water sources that Iím aware of. However, I donít think itís a stretch to make it up Bulldog, across Backbone and down Kanan to PCH as long as youíre able to refill at Malibu Creek State Park.

    Bulldog is a really tough and steep fireroad climb. If youíve ridden up Paseo Miramar fireroad, then think of that type of grade, but with much rougher terrain. Much more line choosing required, and some ledgy sandstone bits to lunge over.

    Backbone from Corral to Kanan is a really fun singletrack. There are some mild to moderately technical rocky sections, but nothing super gnarly. There is one significant climb out of the canyon between Corral and Newton Saddle, which will be a real grind after all the climbing youíve already done. Fortunately, itís not very long. Just be in the mindset that youíll encounter lots of short, punchy climbs along Backbone all the way to Kanan.

    Everything on this route should be open as far as I know.

    Great goal to make up for your missed Tahoe event! Get an early start, take your time and have fun!

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    Awesome, thanks for the info! Bulldog will definitely be the toughest challenge, but hey, worst case I just have to hike.

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