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    Need free bike parts? Credit card fraud!

    If you need some free parts all you need to get them is the name of someone who shops at beyondbikes. Thats right! Just the name. They will provide you with the address and even the last 4 of the credit card number!

    The sales rep I dealt with yesterday just aske me my name. Then he asked if I was still at 555 whatever street and I said yes. He then read off the last 4 of the card number. He then told me the saddle I needed had already been sold online. The following is the email I sent complaining to beyondbikes. I will probably never hear back from them.

    "I am a long time customer. I purchased a Turner flux and an RFX from you. I have spent several thousand dollars in your store and online. The last three times i have visited your shop I have been ignored by the sales staff. When I finally was ready to make my purchase I was told the items were no longer available because they had been sold already online. This has happened 3 times. I called to find out if the saddle I wanted was in stock and I was told yes. I needed it immediatly because mine was broken. I drove all the way down only to be told I could not have it. Gas is to expensive for you guys to be doing this.

    When i went to the sales rep to make my purchase he asked for my name. i gave it to him and he asked if I was still at my address which he read off to me. I said yes. he then read off the last 4 of the card number and asked if that was the one I wanted to use. He rang me up without ever asking for i.d or to see my card. what is to stop someone who knows I shop there from just using my name? This is not an isolated incident. My wife purchased gifts there for me and was able to use my card without showing it. This is ridiculous.

    I am a member of both the IMBA and SDMBA and I frequent and I must say your company reputation is the worst in california. I suggest you read the reviews posted on and use them as a lesson to improve your service.

    I sincerely doubt that I will ever hear back from you with regards to addressing these issues or compensating me to retain my business and the business of my friends. If I do not recieve a reply I will not be able to continue making purchases from your company."

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    The two times I've been to Beyond Bikes in Poway I was very disappointed, I went in looking for shoes and they didn't have one freaking pair of shoes in a 13 although the "system said they had multiple pairs in multiple styles. So I order a pair of 5-10's that day. Meanwhile I figure i will pick up pads too, none in stock that are a size Large go figure, OK so I want to pick up a set of CrankBro's 50/50's the guy asks me what color I want and i pick it out, get over to pay and the other guys (who sits on and exercise ball) says "oh im sorry these are for a bike build here in shop and we can't sell these to you" OK fine i will settle for another color but you wont give me any sort of discount on it! eff... OK this is all in one stop at the store.

    A week and a half goes by and I don't get a call back, about my shoes. I call up around 4:30 on a Friday and the guy I talk to isn't able to find my order or even show that it was ordered! He then tells me to call back on Monday because the clerk that took the order will be in then! I canceled the effin order right then. Never again!

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    Well they did contact me and offered to sell me the higher end pure v for the lower end price and they offered some free schag if I come in. I don't think I will return but at least they are trying to do the right thing.

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    JMO but doing the right thing would be changing their practices, not throwing some free schwagg your way. "Sorry, we just charged $2K on your card to someone who said they were you, but here's some free scwagg".

    Anyway, thanks for the warning, I've never shopped there and probably never will. This is like the 5th or 6th horror story I've heard regarding them.
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    gotta chime in here...
    I went through the same BS with those buttmonkeys when I bought my first Turner in 2005.
    Guess they get so much online action that they haven't needed to improve thier CS.
    They "tried to make it right" w/ me too a few times, and still ended up lying to me and pooching me...

    Turner quit doing business with them awhile back also....

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    They really need to ask for I.D. if they don't know you personally.
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