Tried this over at Ridemonkey, didn't get any bites. As the title says, I live near Pomona and am a relative noob to this "aggressive" style riding.

I've ridden a certain place near La Verne that the STR folks call SSDH, but I've read it has been closed down. I've also ridden the jumps in Brentwood and love the setup, but its a bit too far from me as a spot to session consistently. I hope to learn of, dig, or build a similar spot more local to Pomona. I also know a decent spot in Riverside(pics attached) with some ladder drops and decent sized doubles, but the spot seems virtually abandoned and could use some TLC.

If anybody would like to ride and share or trade spots with me (I like to dig, have some basic tools, and drive a truck i'm willing to use as a shuttle) then respond, PM, or email me at
dragoon2879 at yahoo dot com