Hello SoCal Ladies!

Only 10 participants allowed...

31 March 2007
8am - 5pm
Ventura County, Southern California

Gourmet organic food, learn the skills in a female friendly environment, ask questions, video feeedback, go higher! Dream. Reach. Bliss!

Intermediate MTB skills clinic. Taught by the women of mtbchick.com for women only. Overcome obstacles and fears through the systematic approach to learning cycling for women's physiques. Forget powering through- you'll use your grace and develop your balance... We'll take you through fundamentals you didn't know you needed, put you through drills, and then watch you kick a$$ on the trails!

If you have been mountain biking for several years, have already been through a beginner clinic, and want to learn to tackle switchbacks, get fast at cornering and how to ride drops and other cool stuff you didn't know you needed to know... check it out!

If you're tired of hearing "you just pick up your front wheel like this..." or "you just go for it..." then this is the place for you. We will explain each skill in terms you can understand!

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Questions... Please call Tonya 626 993 4383 or email Tonya at mtbchick dot com