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    mount woodson parking

    does anyone know if there is parking on the back side (east side) of mount woodson, also referred to as "potato chip mountain." i noticed the east side is much easier to climb and i'm considering just climbing up the east side, descending the west side and shuttling back. yeah, i know, its packed if you go at the wrong time, but i'm hoping if i go early enough on an off day there won't be many hikers.

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    I know people that park there and shuttle it, not sure on specific location but im pretty sure you just park on the street

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    Plenty of parking on the side of 67 by the fire station. There's a trailhead there for the paved road to the peak. You can take fry koegel trail back to where you parked from there. Take fry koegel trail not old fry koegel, fun flowing descent. About 6 miles round trip. Once you've done it and know where the trail is you can climb fk to the top if you like. Not many hikers on fk but bring a bell.

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    The back side is supposed to be a as to keep as many day-hiker/week-end warrior wannabees off of it!

    I used to bike it on week-ends, eons ago, but since hiking took off for "PCR", way too many accidents waiting to happen between bikers and hikers. So, I just hike that place now...from a secret trail head, of course!

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