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    Lookin for Riding Partner(s) near Fullerton

    I live up in valencia and have my stomping grounds up north here. However for the next few weeks I am going to be staying in Fullerton (at the 57 and 91) and will have the mornings M-F available to ride. I know its an awkward time but if anybody else likes to ride at those times hit me up. I need to be done by noonish daily because of a commitment at 2 daily.

    I ride a 6" FS bike and feel I do it pretty well. I'm no speed deamon but i can get down the hill.

    Ima check geoladders but if anybody has suggestions on stuff to ride that is well suited for my bike lemme know.

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    look on and they have rides in that area all the time. just do a search for the "fully loop"

    happy trails


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    Check out all the guys there are from fullerton and ride daily. You can ask for RL
    You will also find a full list of trails and descriptions for the fullerton area, near the courthouse of commonwealth and Harbor.
    Tell RL Dan from TYTE rack sent you and good luck

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