A Little Ellie Action

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  • 01-29-2013
    A Little Ellie Action
    I couldn't let Scott forty G. have all the fun out there ;)
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Kg135C5sjkg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • 01-30-2013
    Scott forty G.
    nice edit man! Where is that roller located on your 1:00 mark?
  • 01-30-2013
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    It's where the red X is. Almost at the top before the final downhill.
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  • 01-31-2013
    lanceupperc, the underwear I was wearing while I watched your video will have to be thrown away. :eekster:
  • 01-31-2013
    Nice! Great footage, great edit!
  • 01-31-2013
    Nice video!
  • 02-01-2013
    Old Ray
    Nice. You appear to know that trail well. It's been many many years since I have been out there. If memory serves me well, and I'm not certain it does, it seems like there used to be a couple of narrow drops on Ellie that I just could not even begin to attempt. I didn't see those spots in the video. So it appears the trail has been altered a bit, from back in the day, (pre-2002), which in fact is a GOOD thing. I might be tempted enough by yours and others vids to make that extra trip and try her again.
    The new 52 extension makes that an easier proposition.
    Thanks for going to the effort of making and posting that up.
  • 02-02-2013
    Gordon Shumway
    Great video!
  • 02-03-2013
    Looks like I may have found my new favorite trail