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    While pretty unprofessional and crappy for a shop, Spec has earned the ire of many for a reason - most recently their attempt to spear a small bike shop for having a name similar to one of their bikes, not to mention a city in France. They're a douchebag company.
    Yes they are. they don't really have to be like that, they can survive and thrive just on the quality of some of their products. Shoes, tires, and yes, bike frames and builds from Special Ed are often at the top of their respective categories.

    It's really a shame that they embrace the corporate/lawyer/ bully paradigm of doing business, because when you have good product, it sells itself just fine.

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    I'm sorry a few of you had a bad experience. They are a GGR club supporter and i will show them the thread to stop the mis conduct of the staff.

    I am busy as hell, but please bear with me on the meeting on the trails in Granada Hills. I will post a meeting date at the shop as soon as I can. Looking more at October due to my travel and GGR/CORBA events. Will get it done...
    GGR Girl Wendy E

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