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Thread: Just curious.

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    Just curious.

    Looking to start riding but don't know if I can afford the maintenance. How much do you spend keeping your bike up and running, and where do you ride?

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    It's really hard to say...

    For me at least. I normally go through stuff every 6 months give or take. It also depend on how and where you ride(body weight also comes in the picture). All these factors adds up to the longevity of parts etc. Here is a list of what I roughly spend on my bike:

    -8spd chain $12.00+(sale?)
    -Cassette $ 25-40(1-2 years)
    -Tires $ 15-40.00
    -Lube $7.00
    -Apparel $ 60.00+
    -Wrenching on your own bike....Priceless

    These are pretty much what I spend for myself and my bike. I'm sure I missed somethings but someone else could chime in and help out. Oh yeah, I mostly ride up and down Sullivan.

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    Smile why?

    Why are going to start riding? For health or fun? There are values to both.

    If all the planets were lined up properly and higher beings were taking care of things costs could be really low. $30 a year? Or maybe $300 a year? Mileage and how you treat the bike will determine how much you spend.
    If you maintain the bike costs would be very low. ALWAYS wipe down the chain and lube it after the ride. After is better than before the ride 'cuz you wont have to rush the job if people are waiting for you at the begining of the ride.

    You could buy a bike for $300 or $3000.
    The cranks on the $3000 could be $300!
    Tubes on both bikes would cost the same, $3.

    There has been times where I hadn't gotten a flat in 1000+ miles.

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    connex tr titanium chain

    you could get two of these chains or a walt works custom frame.its all about using the resourses you have around you .the inter-net has many many wonderful deals out there ,no tax,free shipping ,free chris king head set when you buy the latest fork ,its all part of the passion wrenching ,dealing ,riding .becareful once you commit there is no turning back

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelman
    Looking to start riding but don't know if I can afford the maintenance. How much do you spend keeping your bike up and running, and where do you ride?
    I don't add it up, good health is priceless. If you want minimum maintenance go singlespeed. Your profile says DH, but that's probably the most expensive riding.

    Where? Too many trails to list. Hook up with locals or a club and you'll learn the trails in your area. Online trail reviews are sometimes "misleading". Just ride and learn.

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    You can fix your own bike. Start with the simple stuff; changing tubes/tires, chains, etc. Mostly cleaning and lubing is all you need to do. If you need special tools for your bike, buy them as you need them. Learn as you go.
    It's a good idea to be your own mechanic. If you are out in the boonies and you break down, you can almost always get home without walking.

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    2002 NRS, 600miles. i ride trail/xc.

    so far i have changed;
    2 chains ($50),
    1 pair front disc pad ($20),
    1 pair rear disc pad ($20),
    1 front tire ($25),
    1 rear tire ($25),
    4 tubes ($4),
    1 front & rear full housing brake cable ($20),
    a few cans of lubing and cleaning stuffs ($40).
    total = $204

    did my own maintenance (adjusting of gears, brakes, etc), changing of parts. its pretty simple if u r mechanically minded which i think all guys r. as i bought my bike from Jones bike (san marino), they adjust my bike for free when i am lazy to DIY. thumbs up for their service

    in conclusion i think it doesnt cost much to feed a bike.

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    Be careful, an obsession may start Actually, being my own mechanic has saved me loads so it pays to learn your bike backward and forward, not only that, shops can often take a while to get to the bike. The fitness you can get from riding on a regular basis you can't beat but you'll end up spending more money on food because of all the calories you burn... you'll be eating like a teenager, unless of course you are a teenager, then you'll be eating like 2 teeneagers. Jump in.
    If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a minute and a half, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle?

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    Ride all the time

    When I buy a bike I will try to ride it as much as possible. A couple road rides at night around the neighborhood during the week to keep in shape and then once or twice on the weekends to have fun on the trails. I WILL do at least most of the wrenching on my bike since there are at least three complete tool sets at my house and I work on my motorcycle every two or three rides. The only thing that I think I would have trouble with would be the derailers but if I ask the bike shop to explain it to me I'm sure I'll pick it up pretty quick. Thanks for all of the responses it is helping me a lot.

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