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cool you are in town! we can hook u up for a bike if you can get time. I'm assuming you are with family and doing a little vacation before your new job.

I'm at 510-555-1212, call when you are in town.
I had your number in my phone, and I was going to call and b1tch about the traffic on Wednesday. We ate at the pool hall place at the beginning of the SM Pier, (where Aosty had his last meal with that one shoulder) and we were going to go north on PCH, but it was closed. Sunset was backed up a couple miles trying to get onto 405, I mean the 405. I did get to visit some OJ places: Rockingham and Bundy in B'wood.

No time for a ride, but thanks. I could have gotten away with bringing my fixie, but I even left that at home.