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    I saw '08 fox high frequency shorts on ebay

    for $40 and quickly acted on the 'buy now' option and paid through pay pal and then i get the following email...

    I have a small problem.My daughter is helping me at my store and with ebay.She thought these shorts were board shorts,so she listed them with the wrong selling price.I'll sell them to you to for $70.00 and I'll pick up the shipping.That's still $20.00 to $30.00 cheaper than retail or I can refund all your money.I,m really sorry about this!!


    What would you do if you were me?


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    Commit or eat sh!t
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    Just cancel the order. Doesn't seem like a bargain anymore.

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    Complain to ebay. The seller must honor the price.

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    Are you gonna eat that?
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    You'd be taking advantage of a mistake, sure you could complain and ***** about it, but I'd just cancel it.
    Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been canceled

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    cancel it, honest mistake

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    Cancel it. It is not like you are dealing with REI here, most likely just some regular Joe trying to put food on his table.

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    how much did he originally want for shipping?

    worst come worst just cancel it and say

    Im sorry about the price confusion. At the moment it is a bit out of my expense range.
    Hope to do buisnuess in the near future.
    Best of luck

    *sign here*

    or something along those lines if you feel guilty about it
    Lean back, Hit both brakes, And ask yourself, Do you feel lucky today?

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