Come ride with Racers and Chasers under a FULL MOON!!!

Hot August Nights will be held at the beautiful trails of the Cahuilla Creek Motocross park in Anza, Ca. This will be an amazing place to race all night and camp under the beautiful stars that fill the sky over the fun and twisting trails at Cahuilla Creek. This will be a great place for the new riders to try out some night racing and the experienced to turn some fast lap times.

We have a racing class for everyone from solo to team classes!

Camping is available on site both Friday and Saturday nights.

$38 - Cross Country night mountain bike
XC Lap count:
Beginners 2
Sport 3
Expert / Pro 4

6 Hour night mountain bike

* $58 - Solo
* $88 - 2 person

Official Sunset to Sunrise 7:36 pm to 6:11am

* $78 - Solo
* $128 - 2 person
* $178 - 3 person
* $238 - 6 person

Saturday August 13th
Noon to 7pm - On site registration and packet pick up (MTB races)
7:36 PM - All MTB races start
1:36 AM - 6 hour race end (all laps must be completed)
6:11 AM - Sunset to Sunrise race end (all laps must be completed)