Most people don't take the time to post their positive experiences as often as their negative ones, so I thought I would recognize a good local LBS.

I took my Mojo HD in for a shifter cable replacement and was informed by the shop that my brake cable was cut. I authorized them to replace the brake cable as well. When I went to the shop to pick up the bike, I found out that it wasn't ready. The brake housing was still hanging off the bike and the shifter cable had not been properly adjusted. When I informed the service manager (Ken) that I was less than happy with the service I was receiving and wanted to leave the bike for another day so that they can properly service the bike, he seemed embarrased and genuinely sorry that I was disapointed. When I went back the next day to pick up my bike, not only were all of the services performed but Ken informed me that the service was comped due to their negligence and that they would like to keep me as a customer.

I understand that balls can get dropped from time to time, but the way Rockn'Road and especially Ken chose to address the problem speaks volumes to their commitment to their customers and has ensured that I will continue going to them for all of my future service needs and purchases.

Thanks Rockn'Road!