I live here in Topanga Canyon. I am the owner of Epic Cycles, a fully rider owned and you guys don't even know what your missing. There are so many badass DH trails here in the Santa Monica Mountains. I can't give up any Super Gems or anything here, but If you want to ride some super fun trails that are better than Mt Wilson, and just as flowy and super tech as Tunnel and those SB trails, and well over 5 mile Shuttles, Than you guys need to start riding with our crew. We are looking for Well Experienced downhill riders, and racers, of all ages to see what you guys have to offer. We are going to be assembling a Factory Mountain Bike Team, for the 2008-2009 season. We have 6-12 mile Shuttle runs we do and if your looking to have some fun on the weekends, and ride for the most down to earth shop in Southern California! Thanks alot guys, look foward to rippin with ya. Please give me a call here at the shop for any questions, or check out Epic-Cycles.com. We love new customers and want to hook you guys up that are willing to ride for us! Please Contact me, Conor anytime at the shop or on my mobile phone. Thanks Everybody! Happy Trails

Mobile. 310.435.6034
Shop. 310.435.6034