ok guys, it's official!

D3 Photo is online, up & running.....now i've just gotta shoot some photo! my first planned event will be the FONTANA race on November 21st. More than likely it'll be DH photo only at this event. So u should see the first photos on the site a day or so after.

i'm trying to keep my "event photo" seperate from my "stock pro photo" so i'll be using this other name (D3 Photo), and a seperate website.

I'll have links up from my main website (DylanDeanDesigns.com) so if you get lost, or forget the site, you can always find your way back.

i'll have a variety of print sizes, plus a lot of other merchandise/gift options (coffee mugs, calendars, t-shirts, mouse pads, luggage tags, refrgerator magnets, etc)

basic normal print prices will be in the ballpark range of $20 for an 8x10, $12 for a 5x7. keep your eyes out for package deals & discounts. I'm hoping to have killer photos for you guys at reasonable rates.

All sales will be ONLINE! I won't have a booth set up at the event, but i should have some literature & biz cards available.



email: photo@dylandeandesigns.com