After spending Sunday afternoon exploring the Clark Canyon area and surveying a blank canvas of canyons I checked out the Fanita Ranch website. It appears from the map on their website that the "trail connection" they will construct to connect Fanita Ranch to the Sycamore Canyon Preserve will either be a paved trail or a 4-6' wide DG trail. A nearby canyon to the south/southeast will apparently be singletrack. That canyon looks very cool.

Does anyone have a clue about what input we can have on the trails and do we know if existing trails will be grandfathered into the trail network? Clark Canyon could be very, very cool and you could create a fun loop with Clark, Martha's Grove/Goodan Ranch and Sycamore Canyon.

Also, is Barrat American's land adjacent to Sycamore Canyon or is there another piece of property between Fanita and the Preserve?