Did a short ride this afternoon...up Palo Camado to the lookout and then down the main canyon. I started up Chesebro road to the gate at the head of the Palo Camado trail. There were a couple of new signs posted on the gate warning of the "special rules in effect" after the fire (same ones posted elsewhere), but that's it. Also, the chain that was blocking the pedestrian access way on the side of the gate was unlocked. I think this pretty much implies that it's now okay to go through that gate...not that I had much doubt ever since they removed the imposing big yellow gate a few months ago.

BTW, one thing that had me curious about those signs is a line that says something like "access is restricted to ESTABLISHED trails between sunrise and sunset (my emphasis on "established"). What exactly isn't an established trail? I would have thought that it's always been against the rules to ride non-established trails.