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    Calavera threatened?

    i heard though the grapevine that there may be some imminent development/closure in Calavera preserve, and that there is a need for a local mtn biker presence at the meetings that are discussing the future plans.

    Can anyone shed some light on the current situation? I think i could muster probably 6-10 homeowner/mtn bikers in the area for support.


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    I have not heard anything. However, there are plans to put in a new subdivision on the SW part, plus Robertson Ranch, where that monstrosity will begin and end....

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    I'd go to a meeting & bring some friends, but I haven't heard of anything new. I just did some googling, and didn't find a recent mention, & SDMBA hasn't said anything. PreserveCalavera's website hasn't been updated in a long time. Other than the dam work & already planned developments going ahead, I think it's pretty much status quo. I talked to Markus of CNLM at LC a while back, and he thought the trails issue there was tied up for probably quite a while by multi-jurisictional overlap and (I think he said...) the bankruptcy of a different land management agency.

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    Calavera area update

    To all.

    Latest word is DFG will take over Mt Calavera, which was in hands of bankruptcy court for The Environmental Trust, which went belly up in 2005.

    Key - its a preserve, not a ecological reserve. That means recreational use COULD be approved with concurrence of manager, secondary to primary purpose of habitat conservation.

    The key is going to be getting involved responsibly, and getting permission first before doing any work out there.

    Please tell the F&*%ing knuckleheads who build this 1200' of unauthorized trail on the south face of the mountain, smack in the middle of the largest undisturbed piece of remaining californial gnatcatcher habitat, for which this land was orinally mitigated for, for crying out loud, to KNOCK THE F&%*K OFF!

    This is a nice trail, built well, but the sad thing is by breaking the rules and working in the night like a coward, on private property, you run the risk of undo-ing years of patient collaboration and hard-work by folks like SDMBA who have done so much to build support for multi-use and specifically MOUNTAIN BIKERS.

    Didn't you GET IT? over Flightline?

    Now, if you did it, or do know who did this, MAN UP, and admit it, and get ready to do the mitigation for this that any other illegal or accidental habitat removal done by a developer would have to do - at least a 3 to 1 mitigation for damage in land restored.

    Thats what it is going to take to prove to the community that MTB riders can be trusted.

    Theres lots of land out there and lots of unsustainable trails that need to be fixed, so if you are MAN or WOMAN enough to step up to the plate and actually DO SOME GOOD instead of WHINE, then post here or PM me and we can get started WITH PERMISSION, GOD-D*** IT!.

    Kevin Skjei
    Malena Consulting
    2500+ hours of dirt-work on this land, including many many events co-sponsored with SDMBA, City of Carlsbad, DFG, and local schools

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeej
    To all.

    Please tell the F&*%ing knuckleheads who build this 1200' of unauthorized trail on the south face of the mountain, smack in the middle of the largest undisturbed piece of remaining californial gnatcatcher habitat, for which this land was orinally mitigated for, for crying out loud, to KNOCK THE F&%*K OFF!
    Thanks for the update.

    I'd wish they'd listen. I quit the sdtrailriders group in disgust listening to all the BS self-justification about why it's OK to build trails there. I've literally chased offroad motorcyclists off the SE side of the preserve but they return daily.

    The trails will continue to be constructed until the ownership and preservation issues are worked out. When that happens there will an overreaction to the damage done and MTBrs will be constrained to ride in a much smaller area than we originally had before all these illegal trails were built. I'm actually surprised that Carlsbad hasn't shut down there portion yet.

    It's sad to contemplate, but it's the nature of crowded areas and people's tendency to value short term gratification over long term benefits. We spend almost half our year in Durango CO where the MTB community is well organized and work pretty well with the local government. Population and geography play a big part, but they have 25X the number of trails out there and ALL of them are better than the scraps we fight over at Calavera.

    People suck when there are too many around.

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    Good job! Calavera Update - READ NOW!!!

    Thanks Jouster for being a good role model.
    Yep, vacationed in Durango this summer - lots of beautiful trails that everyone shares - a great example for what-could-be here in N County.

    Here is how to help - pass the word:

    Calavera Nature Preserve - in process of transferring to the state, to be included in the adjacent Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve to the south. To get the word on when from Warren Wong, the land manager - I recommend ALL MTBers be patient just another month or so, and excercise leverage and focus by working as a group thru, and check in for updates with:

    Erik Trogden, N County Liaison for SDMBA. He is putting together a SDMBA led trail repair effort on the Calavera Nature Preserve in 1Q09. He works for Turner, former mtb racer, also helping put together a youth league. Erik is doing a tremendous job, and your support makes him that much more influential and effective.

    BTW, no promises on state land, as the state has its own rules, but if MTBers show up, as they have for City events on City land, thats another chance to prove we can be trusted, as responsible users and role models, and remind the agencies that SDMBA is the "go-to" user group to help crack the code for more future access and to build sustainable trails.

    Don't forget - the state and cities and land managers all need help, education, enforcement, and volunteer labor-wise, and its going to only get tougher for them in this fiscal environment, so proving we can be trusted, even more is what will earn the seat at the table to plan and create new trails.

    Couple of other proofs for big ROI coming if MTB community keeps the effort going, especially here in Carlsbad:

    New Rec Dept manager in Carlsbad
    just hired is Brian Albright, big believer in trails. Liz Ketabian is the Trails program manager, works for Brian. SHe has been sheperding the trail approval on City land north of Lake Calavera, and will announce when work is ready to begin, hopefully soon.

    Even bigger is the 25 year update of the Growth Plan now just beginning in Carlsbad, to set plans for the next 50 years, including sustainable trails as part of the Sustainability = economic+social+environmental formula. Carlsbad is second only to San Marcos in great trails and leadership for multi-use so,

    Again - MTBers in Carlsbad and users of Calavera - work via Erik and show Liz and Brian to prove how important responsible MTB use is for protecting habitat, promoting home values (numerous studies point out a positive correlation between trails and home values = taxes), healthy lifestyle, attraction of Carlsbad as a healthly living tourist destination, etc etc -

    AND, that SDMBA is the counties proven leader in promoting "multi-use" which creates the model for collaboration, not conflict.

    and SDMBA and MTBs when they show up git-r-done like no one else can.

    NOTE- A SHOUT OUT TO MINETTE OZAKI and SDMBA for positive work on Flightline - SDMBA also shows up at Council to lead polite, professional, proactive, and persistent public input - you cannot understand how powerful that is until you see it in action, so get your BUTTS DOWN AND SUPPORT SDMBA for that too.

    I promise as a 9 year citizen of Carlsbad, that this is a unique place among governments - they listen, and if what you say makes sense, it will get done - if you are patient and work the system and trust the staff too.

    Trust me, all the hard work so far has not gone unnoticed, and the fabulous work by SDMBA for CNLM down in RLC is another proof positive of huge win-wins for responsible use and habitat protection. Keep in mind that Markus S at CNLM is the go-to expert that other science based land managers and the agencies respect, so if you keep him your friend and
    prove multi-use creates the most win-wins, and responsible use deters and drives out irresponsible abuse, then that understanding will continue to resonate and work again and again.

    Erik will make sure SDMBA l gets out the good word on updates on the City of Carlsbad land north of Lake Calavera and the big trail plan thats just about to be finally approved.

    Skeej, out.

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