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    Big Bear Skyline Trail Problems

    Couple issues noticed on Skyline this morning:
    1. Moto riders have ripped up the single track, up Plantation and then eastbound from Clarks to GVP; there is damage to many of the corners from back wheels getting spun out. Not much we can do except complain, I guess.
    2. The last piece of westbound single track, from Boulder Camp to the old bridge, someone has gone to some effort to conceal the trail entrance with brush & logs; logs have also been placed across the trail further down. Is that trail closed or is it vandalism?

    On the plus side, it's warm today, the trail traction is awesome from the recent snow and the slopes are open!

    Happy Turkey day!

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    Not much you can do about motos right now, there are not many people on the trail and they know that. Saw them on the trails a few weeks ago when I was there.

    The trail that's been blocked off is probably a closure of a non system trail. Skyline now continues a bit down the road from Boulder Camp and runs over by the bottom of Trick or Treat. Hoping it goes further next season!

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    Skyline ends at the junction of 2n10, 2n17, it will not continue further. There are plans for other trails that will get you back to Snow Summit, but believe those to be a couple of years away.
    As with the motos, unfortunately, pretty much nothing we can do, hopefully they will obey the signage and stay off the trails.

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    the dirt bikers are only supposed to be on the fire roads, not on the single tracks. That's disappointing..
    GGR Girl Wendy E

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