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    Anyone pre-ridden the course for this Saturday?

    This year's Santiago Oaks race is slightly different from last year's, so I can't use the 2013 results as a gauge for my readiness.

    I clocked about an hour for one lap. I could do a second lap, but I'm still debating signing up for 2 laps due to the fact that I don't feel like being last.

    The "Sport" guys are usually in much better shape than I am, but I don't quite reckon myself a "beginner" either. Then again, if an hour puts me too far out of range, then a one lap race it will be for me.

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    I have not pre-rode it for the race.....but I ride out there enough that I am very familiar with it.

    I too signed up for Sport....but I will be riding the SS. The thought of going up Coachwhip a 3rd time just sounded painful.
    I crashed hard enough on my Tallboy to break my leg,
    The carbon is way more durable than most people.

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