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    Anyone ever live in Seattle?

    Hey everyone -

    Due to my wife's job, we may be relocating from the Inland Empire to the Seattle area (West Seattle to be exact).

    We've lived in Redlands and Claremont for the past 6 years. Have been spoiled by local riding such as SART, Crafton Hills, Hulda Crooks, Marshall Canyon, and the Claremont Loop/Potato Mountain. Stuff like the San Gabes (Wilson), Santa Anas, Noble Canyon, Palm Canyon, Big Bear, Wrightwood, Idyllwild, all within 2 hours drive.

    Awesome road riding all over the place, SART, Oak Glen, GMR, Crystal Lake, Mt. Baldy, Highway 38, etc.

    Anyone ever lived up in Seattle and able to compare the riding between the two places? I think we can deal with the cloudy/drizzly weather in exchange for giving up the triple digit heat, but it sure seems a lot more urban than we're used to (which seems strange to say, coming from the LA area). The Cascades look like an awesome range to explore, but the immediate Seattle area does not seem to offer as much as the inland foothills of Southern California.

    Seems there is a lot within 1-3 hours drive, but not nearly as much in the foothills as we're used to here. Living in West Seattle, we'd pretty much need to give up on weekday rides unless we want to spend an hour in the car to do so, or live further east and deal with a daily commute in exchange for some trail access.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

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    There is more riding in the Seattle area than is immediately apparent.
    Take a look at the map section of this link:

    You may find the soil and forests to be a welcome change to So Ca. It's another world up there.
    If you drive a bit on weekends, the riding is great.

    Access to weekday rides will likely be more challenging unless you are close to a trail system.
    Seattle traffic can be every bit as bad as the worst you've seen in So Ca.

    Get used to riding in the rain. If you wait for "good" weather in Seattle, you'll never get out.

    It's easier to ride year round in So Ca and it's easier to get to the trails.

    Keep the motivation up and make the effort to get out to the trails and you'll find that you can ride almost year round in the Seattle area.

    The big upside is that all the money saved on sunscreen can now be spent on bike stuff.

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