Wife and I have had our beginner bikes now for about 3-4 weeks, and have been out just about every day around the house doing fire roads and some easy dirt paths (2 lane). We ride with my 2 year old son on a Kangaroo seat and are loving the time out an the exercise.

On the weekends, we've done Vail Lake (happen to be there during the GrannyGear.com 24 hour race this past weekend), Santa Rosa Plateau, and recently, the paved paths in San Juan Capistrano.

We stopped by Blue Jay campground on the way home to check out the Falcon Trails, but not sure if we'd ride with Jr.

We'd love to meet some people who ride with young'ns in SoCal. We're really getting into it, but are just playing the guessing games on what trails are safe to ride with a little guy.

PM or post up if you do weekend rides. A couple n00bs would love to come on out and spend a day!