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    The Angry Singlespeeder - Paradise Lost

    In case you didn't see it on the home page, just wanted to share this latest ASS commentary with all you SoCal peoples. Does rampant development bother you as much as it does me? How do you cope with it?

    The Angry Singlespeeder: Paradise Lost | Mountain Bike Review
    Kurt Genshammer
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    Good article, Kurt--and a good move. My g/f and I also got tired of the over-development, asshats, and the canned-sardine feeling of Socal. We had a bunch of good years there, but moved from San Juan Cap. to San Jose this spring. Game changer! The riding is awesome, as you know; I just missed seeing you at the Rincon trailhead just before Sea Otter. I'm sure Francis showed you some of the SC goods!

    Good luck in Tahoe; you're gonna love it. And hit me up if you ever want to ride on the coast. I'll even bust out my SS Tranny (please leave sophomoric remarks to actual sophomores) in your honor!
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    Good article Kurt, but I will say that your anger might be slightly misdirected. The development in Elfin Forest is on the site of a horrendously ugly/smelly chicken ranch and an abandon open pit mine. I think La Costa/Carlsbad has done a decent job of protecting the riding areas and also allowing links to be built between trails. Having been in North County for 20+ years I do agree that a lot of good riding has disappeared, but it is a downside to keeping housing even close to affordable.

    On the upside Tahoe is incredible and if you can make a living up there enjoy it. Not many better places to be!

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    "But decimating pristine habitat for thousands of tract homes isn’t considered “destruction of natural resources”, it’s called “progress”; so long as you have millions of dollars to pay off the government."

    Welcome to a country where Money rules, not the people. Democracy is a joke.

    As the others pointed out, even with the "progress" there is no where else in the US where you can have the kind of weather we do and great riding. Being only a few hours drive from Snow Summit for the lift access trails, or to shuttle runs at Noble or San Juan, plus the fact that I can ride from my driveway right up the street and access Lake Calavera Preserve makes San Diego the best place I have lived for the over-all life experience.
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    I've got a lot of mixed feelings about So Cal. I live in the Conejo Valley- many miles from San Diego (although I've been there plenty of times and think it is a great city with great riding).

    I live in a planned city. It is beautiful, well manicured, the weather is perfect all year round. I'm close enough to Los Angeles to party there, close enough to the beach, a few hours away from proper wine country, and a few hours away from mountains.

    That's all the good.

    The bad is that state income tax is pretty rough for my income level, we don't really have a home big enough for us to grow our family in, traffic is terrible when ever we want to go somewhere, and the trails. Oh god- the local trails are marginal at best. Short sprays of single track but lots of fire road climbing. They are building houses again, it's just going to get more packed. The state budget problems are pretty scary too.

    Wife and I have talked about moving. All of our family and friends live here but the wife's parents are pretty ill. We think we might try one of the cool bike cities when they pass. Like Eugene, Medford, Bend, Durango, Grand Junction, Prescott, or even Phoenix. I telecommute to work and can live anywhere that has easy airport access in-case I have to fly. Any of those cities we can afford a house twice the size and property to put a pump track on. I could be a quick ride from awesome trails and some of the communities are really into biking.

    It's all first world problems really. I'm thankful that I live in one of the nicest places in the USA. Just wish the mountain biking was better and the government was more efficient.

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    After 40 years in So Cal, and the last ten in SD, I made the move to North Carolina for my wife's job. It is not SD, but trails good, people are nice, and you can still ride year round. Like you, I could remember the lack of traffic on trails, and I always enjoyed that fact. But within last year before I moved, I always commented on how crowded the trails were getting. It has only been about 9 month's since my move, but I would not come back.

    Good luck with your move!

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    I have to live here for the time being, but there's no way I'd live down the hill. Being able to snowboard and ride empty singletrack after work is huge. But it's still California and being a business owner here sucks. I'll wrap things up in a year or two and then Flag/Sedona, here I come.
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    I can't decide whether to agree with you or call you out for being a NIMBY wanker. I agree with much of the sentiment of your rant having grown up in Vista and seeing the constant development. The hills I used to run around and ride bikes in, as a kid, are now tract homes and ball fields. Southern sections of College, Melrose and Rancho Santa Fe paved over some awesome chaparral and opened up a lot more land to builders; but it sure is easier to get around now. Elfin Forest and the 'tributary' trails were kinda tucked away from suburbia such that you almost felt like you weren't surrounded by sprawl-not so much now with the new development. Coming back to the rant theme, thanks for moving here five years ago, contributing to the problem at the heart of your rant and then running away to ride dirtverts tranny....

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    It's a good rant, even if your solution isn't available to those of us who've made our careers and families here. You hit on an interesting note that illustrates both an underlying problem and the vast power of developers, by asking "where's the water for these homes come from?" Yep, as our gross-available water is actually decreasing, the "where that water comes from" is from those of us who save water so that they can jack up our rates and then sell more to new folks who didn't live here before (and whose homes are built right over our trails).

    Calavera, Hodges, Penasquitos...all sad examples of how development adds population, concentrates trail users into the few remaining outdoor assets and is then used by malicious folks as an excuse to implement/re-implement caste systems for trails access.

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