Hubby and I are attempting to get in better shape for our summer bike trip (week of 4th of July) where we'll be hitting up Brianhead/Panguitch, Crested Butte, Durango, Flagstaff, and Sedona. We live at and usually ride around 1100 ft (So Cal), so riding at 10,000ft should be really interesting. We've only been riding since last August, and are trying to get in as much riding and climbing as possible before our trip. I've set up a pretty intense training plan for our remaining weekends before we leave. The first two of the six weekends included the 30 mile Idyllwild Spring Challege ride and then Noble Canyon (riding up the trail) and doing a loop at Big Laguna. Both rides have been just over 30 miles, and the shortest day was Idyllwild at 7.5 hours, though we ran out of daylight.

They've been awesome rides and the long rides with tons of climbing are getting easier every weekend Here's some photos:

Me in the meadow following the first climb at Hurkey Creek in Idyllwild:

Me struggling up the climb following the Hurkey meadow:

Idyllwild mountains, following the worst fire road climb on earth (and after a bit of descent):

Me at mile 29, still charging!:

Now for Noble (which we did today). We decided to purchase a new contraption for carrying the camera (the good one weighs a few lbs and neither of us wants to carry it in our paks), so we bought a handlebar mounted bag. I thought it'd be really awkward, but it wasn't too bad, and it makes the camera so much more accessible. Loved it. Photo of the contraption below.

Hubby climbing up Alp d'Wheez:

There is a trail in there somewhere, and we will be riding it:

Hubby on the waterfall (a few shots at it):

Scenery from up near Champagne Pass:

Me coming down what used to be Pinball:

Pinball, and the camera contraption:

Token Handlebar shot:

Lots of flowers out there, and it was really green:

Climbing to BLT:

Finally at BLT! Gorgeous up there today:

More flowers:

At long last - descending Noble (we didn't stop much):

Awesome weekends!