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    Jun 2011
    I too would prefer to go 1X11 but just cannot justify the cost at this time. It would be nice to have the broader range no doubt. Perhaps down the road I'll buy the XX1 shifter, chain, RD and cassette and make the swap. Not sure my existing XO crank would be an issue and may save me some costs.

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    I was happily using a 32 x 11-36 XT 10 spd but am now adding a Wolf Tooth 42 and 16 to my bike. The 11-36 was fine for 95% of what I ride in OC (Santiago Oaks, Aliso, Whiting, etc) but I'm getting too old not too, lol. It'll be nice having a little relief.

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    30 up front with 11-42 10 sp on the rear.

    Race face NW and wolftooth in back.

    Still have problems getting my 36lb enduro evo expert up hills.

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