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I rode Santa Teresa County Park this weekend. First time out since November or something (other than pavement).

Weird thing is... what is usually muddy single-track was bone-dry (Dark side of Stiles). And what is usually bone dry fire-road was swampy mud-bog (Pueblo trail at Bernal/girls-ranch-drive) and a complete muddy, crevice pit going down Mine trail from Bernal parking lot to stiles. Never seen it like this in the last 5 years I've been riding here.

Other than that, it was great. was able to pedal up the steep side of Joice trail (bernal hill trail to vista loop) on my way out so that's always a good sign.

So much for a clean bike.

Can't believe it's so wet so high up. I guess the ground = sponge and it just draining. seems like it'll be draining until July considering how bad it is.

Just wow...
No pics?