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    Visiting Bay Area May 31-Jun 3 - what to ride?

    Nice, I get some Norcal and Socal riding this year! I'll be in the bay area (haven't been since 2002)on business at the end of May and San Diego in July for vacation.

    I'll be staying in Mill Valley. Close, technical singletrack is preferred, but I understand if I need to drive to find that as I hear much of the north is fire roads.

    Singletrack is required - majority of the trail should be ST.
    Technical: Whatever you go short of proper DH requiring storm trooper gear
    Length: Prefer to ride 2-4 hours, so 12-20 miles? Multiple loops would work too I guess.

    Please, if you can recommend a nearby rental shop along with trail recommendations that would be awesome and much appreciated.


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    Tamarancho is the obvious choice.

    Tamarancho Biking

    Sunshine Cyclery is more or less where you need to park
    and rents bikes.

    Sunshine Bicycle Center - Fairfax, California

    There's nothing else legal in Marin County that comes close.
    Plus the new flow trail "Endor" is unique for the whole bay area.

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    Visiting Bay Area May 31-Jun 3 - what to ride?

    Looks legit and talk about close. Trails look pretty sweet. Rhythm section looks a bit squirrelly, but maybe just a bad video.

    I don't think I need to look further.

    Much appreciated.


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    There are some other super fun DH trails near Tamo that do require some fire road action and climbs to get to them but they are worth it! PM me if you would like some info There is also China Camp in San Rafael that has lots of fun single track.

    There is an awesome shop in Larkspur called Larkspur Bike and Bean owned by local riders who have some great bikes like Pivots, Yetis and niners in their demo fleet.

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    If your interested I may even be able to show you around if i'm free on those dates .

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    San Diego: Look into the Noble-Big Laguna loop (don't miss Gatos Ravine for jumps and features), and you could drive up the coast a bit to drop the San Juan Trail-Viejo Tie-Chiquito (shuttle). Classic!
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    Stop by Tam Bikes in Mill Valley and ask them in person. Its a cool shop and they have decent demo's. Between China Camp and Tamarancho you'll be covered if you explore a bit and ask around.
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