• 04-14-2007
    The Tahoe-Sierra 100 and 4person stage race is coming!!
    The Tahoe-Sierra 100 miler and 4 person team stage race is coming. Its been two years in the works and its almost ready. This event will be one of a kind. The veiws are great and lots of single track. There will be a 100 mile race and a two day team stage race. 50 mile stage for each team member, lots of team strategy will come into play. This event will benefit the high country trails systems that are in need of lots of work. Let you know more at the Coolest 24hr race on May 5th & 6th. There is also 8hr 3 person team race at the Coolest 24hr race.. www.thecoolestmtb.com:thumbsup:
  • 04-14-2007
    Been a long time since I've raced, this just might be the ticket to suck me back in, not to win but to survive :D

    Looking forward to hearing the details!
  • 04-14-2007
    lakes road sheep
    That is just the sort of thing of thing I have been waiting for to get me back into racing. Looking forward to hearing some more details.