• 02-17-2013
    Stonyford, CA area trails?
    posting for a buddy:

    Hey, heading up to stonyford tomorrow and looking to see if anyone has any XC ride ideas/links, looking to do 20-30miles.

    Did some googling and explored a bit on strava but there doesn't seem to be any solid routes.

  • 02-17-2013
    As far as I know, that's dirtbike country up there. Good luck :thumbsup:
  • 02-17-2013
    A fire closed a lot of the trails around Stonyford.I've ridden many miles on the moto there next to nothing on something with pedals .
  • 02-17-2013
    The only stuff I know is for shuttling really. Try finding Sled Ridge, It's an OHV fire road that makes for a sweet wide open DH. It will be off a forest road just south of lake Pillsbury. Mr. Wier owns this KOM.
  • 02-17-2013
    Haus Boss
    Mark Weir was riding a dirt bike on that GPS (see avg speed UP sled ridge 12.8 mph). You can shuttle sled ridge and a couple of other trails in that immediate area, but the access point is on primarily from the western boundaries of the Nation Forest. You'd need to cut over from Hwy 20, and according to google maps it's an additional 20-30 minutes to CC Camp (where Sled Ridge ends).

    There are other moto trails that people shuttle above Lake Pills, but that'll add another 45+ min of drive time. Some pretty fun stuff if you're able to check it out- lots of high speeds, so the bigger the bike the better.