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    Damn, my hat's off to the racers. How many of you guys shot your bearings?
    Faster is not always better, but it's always more fun

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    796 Clean

    Best I can do is this shot of the start.
    Search those Brain Joder shots too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnSeeties
    Had a blast ... first race, only three of us in my beginner class (originally signed up for sport--glad I changed).

    I left my house through 8 inches of snow (Nevada City) and 27° (and I have a sinus cold/sore throat), 30 mph on Hwy 49 until Chevy's in Auburn, parked about 1/2 mile from the starting line, got my packet, looked around for familiar faces--saw no one, made friends with the other two in my class and off we went.

    The first mud hole turn was silly with all the beginners (they had us all leave at once--and, I downgraded so I only had to do one lap) and I tried pushing through to escape the three young lumberjacks wearing Daisey Dukes (you had to be there but don't call them "cowboys") but was dumped into the puddle by one of the herd.

    I got through the first 6 miles fairly easily, although I had no pride problems getting off through the rivers/streams. I was pretty impressed that I went through the mud so easily and the mud was more watery than sticky (at least at this point).

    Cruising along, I was hanging with a guy from Marin (Woodacre, to be precise) and we had a good thing going ... until, my chain slipped off for the FOURTH time (new chain, BTW). But, this time it wasn't a slip--IT BROKE. Woodacre said he'd see me at the finish and I started my hike to the finish line. It wasn't beautiful, but I crossed the finish line. No DNF for my first race. Just don't check my time.

    The two terrible parts of my adventure: I missed out riding the fun of crossing the finish line on my bike (and the swamp just prior) & I have two horrible blisters from my wet socks and 4 mile stroll.

    The two great parts of my adventure: I made it to Cool/decided to ride & I made it through the finish line (can't wait to see my time).

    Thanks to Dan (the camper parked in front of me) who encouraged me to race since I was already present. And, thanks to those who lapped me as I was walking and yelled out encouragement. No thanks to those who I cheered on and snubbed me. You didn't realize that I had a broken chain around my neck that could have easily tripped you up--just kidding that was the voice of my blisters.

    A few other shouts out to: my neoprene booties and my Fox Thermal Paws. I swear, I didn't feel the cold (but then, I like the cold).

    Oh, and I was pretty concerned about tires prior to the race but I ended up using my stock 2.1 and had no problems (now the chain is another story ...).

    There, I got out my virgin post. Now back to lurking.
    Nice write-up. Great spirit!!


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    Go right ahead.
    just credit S. Wright with the pic

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    Bearings siezed after final creek crossing 50 yards from finish
    What is a "healing vibe"???
    See our aid stations at the Tahoe Sierra 100 Red Star Ridge & Dusty Corners

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    Bearing were fine (we'll see when I actually do the maintenance though). Brakes..... were wishful thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LWright
    This guy took the "Easy" route.
    I got some great shots, My wife even got two shots of the first guy through the puddle. I will add some more after I downsize them.
    When I first saw this photo, I was so sure that it was me that I started to have a flashback of hitting the icy mud. But after about 2 minutes of examining the photo, I think this is actually someone else -- I had a blue coat on, but I had blue fox downhills shorts on.

    It's nice to know that I was not the only one that took a epic digger on that "puddle" crossing
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    A couple more Cool pix

    As soon as I looked out my living room window Saturday morning and saw Eldorado Hills blanketed with the white stuff I knew it was going to be a long day. My first thought was to check email and see if the race had been canceled,, no such luck. Well, paid my 40$ and I'm such a tight wad I'm going to get every nickels worth out of it. So off to Cool I go.
    As I'm driving up Salmon Falls road and the snow is starting to accumulate on the road pretty good I begin to hope just a little bit that maybe they will postpone the ride until next weekend. No such luck, the race attendants were there in force eagerly directing traffic into the parking area with evil grins on their faces. Did they know something I didn't?
    A quick trip to the registration tent and then gearing up for the ride started to get the competitive juices flowing and I was ready. Damn it was cold! Add the chill factor of riding and it was well below freezing. "We have to go on,, we must go on.." -A1.
    The ride was a real bear with the mud so thick and pervasive that all I could think about was the damage it was doing to the drive train and the potential for endows. Racers littered the sides of the trail like beer cans at a Clamper gathering with every mechanical know to man. Slide outs and endoes were occurring at a blistering pace all around. It was going to be an interesting 10 miles. No mechanicals to speak of but I did wear out a new set of break pads which finnaly petered out riding back to the car.
    Well I managed to keep the shiny side up with only a couple of close calls and finish first in the novice "old farts" class coming in 5th overall in novice. I know, time to move up to sport.
    Key learning’s from the Cool ride:

    Fenders are essential. They may look dorky to those covered with mud from head to toe but I dont give a rip.
    Get way back behind the saddle when approaching what looks like an ordinary puddle, its really a 3 foot deep hole in disguise waiting to suck you in and spit you out.
    Try not to smile unless you like to eat a mud and horse manure mixture while ripping down the "trail".
    One last thing ,, fenders, get 'em.

    Trying to warm up

    Pro start

    From left to right:
    George, out at mile 2 with Mechanical
    Dave who is still kicking himself in the a$$ for not riding
    Zon , with a permanent grin of joy and pain


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    Quote Originally Posted by zorg
    Damn, my hat's off to the racers. How many of you guys shot your bearings?
    Got to check my BB, and I don't mean Steve.
    There are no stupid questions but there are A LOT of inquisitive idiots.

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    Was i halucinating...

    ... or did anyone else see 2 really muddy dudes in 13 hole doc martin's and Daisy Dukes?
    any pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by francois
    Awesome! Ok, if I use this on the Caption Contest of this site?

    This pic so doesn't need a caption.


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    Check the Brian Joder site mentioned before, your hilllbillies are caught goin OTB

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