This is Chris Duncan from BikeSkills.com and X-games fame. I'm holding a Learn to Dirt Jump class at Calabazas Jump Park in San Jose on the Saturday April 11th.
Time to brush up on your DJ skills...Awesome!

(Lesson One Mountain bike School)

Rocking the Dirt Jumps

There are 4 spots remaining to sign up for.

Here's the link to the online registration at Active.com

Here's the link to sign up on Active

Below are the details about the class:

Lesson One Mtb presents: The Dos & Don'ts of Dirt Jumping

Instructor of Clinic: Chris Duncan (formally of BikeSkills.com and past X-Games dirt jump competitor)

Instructor's email and phone number: 415 233 3741, chris@lessononemtb.com

Clinic Date:April 11th

Cost per person: 99.99 + Active Reg fee (cash or check payable to Lesson one bike instruction)

Time: Meet at 7:45am. (I know it's early, but it's before the crowds) Clinic begins when everyone is ready, but no later than 8:30am.

Where: Calabazas BMX park

Located at 6940 Rainbow Dr, San Jose, CA 95129

This facility has great sections to work on your technical jumping skills, pump track rollers, and large carved out turns. The park offers seriously sized jumps that increase confidence with capability enhancing table tops between the take offs and landings.

Duration: 4.5 hours with two 10 minute breaks & a hour lunch break in the middle of class.

Skill level: This is a beginner to intermediate level class, but any skill level is welcome to enroll & brush up on their air time techniques.

What to bring: A seat post that can be lowered all the way down. (If your bikes seat can not be lowered) It's recommended to purchase an inexpensive seat post that fits your bike and have it trimmed for the ability of lowering your seat)

Bring your helmet (full face if you feel the need

Platform pedals (flat on both sides of the pedal -non clipless)

This design of pedal is very inexpensive and can be purchased at most shops

If you don't have platform pedals I can bring some for you.

(Please email chris@lessononemtb.com to let me know)

A pair of non-clipless athletic shoes (Skate style shoes are best with flat pedals)

Pads are optional, but recommended. (Knee pads, shin guards-most important, and elbow pads)

Water, sunscreen, snacks and a full meal.

Heavy rain cancels. (Provide cell phone number upon sign up for cancellation info)

Do's and Don'ts of Dirt Jumping's Goal:

Practice basic dirt jumping techniques necessary for all-time safe jumping.

(All-time, refers to any skill that is intended to be a mandatory incorporation to ones everyday riding style)

Description of the clinic:

Jumping is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your overall biking skill set weather you are a hard core XC racer or a weekend all-mountain rider

Learn how to prepare for a crash with implementing all-time body positions.

Learn the techniques associated in teaching your body the needed reflex reactions for specific types of crashes. (I.e. endos, loop outs, psycho leans)

Learn how to prevent crashes.

Learn where to look with your eyes when jumping.

Learn the secret of how to make mid air corrections while in the air.

Learn how to get the most out of pump track riding and how it really relates to Dirt Jumping.

Learn how to properly bunny hop and how it relates to jumping.

Discover the history of dirt jumping and why certain techniques differ from one another.

Most of all learn the soul of dirt jumping.

The schedule of a class is:
55 min-intro-(body positioning and skill build drills)
10 min break
55min-(pump track skills and how they relate to jumping) (continued below)
1\2 hour lunch break

55 min jumping skills (intricate skills are broken down into their respective steps)
10 min break
55 min (open group forum-students ask their own specific technique questions, skill building games , play riding)