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    Ridding around Bodega bay

    I am going to be spending the weekend at Bodega Bay. Is there any decent ridding up there or should I leave my bike at home?

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    I was up there all last weekend and left my new bike at home, that I was really itching to be on. Just not much around.

    Some pretty decent trail running at Bodega Head though, if you go both ways.....

    The road biking is solid as well, although some sketchy shoulders, or lack there of. Salmon Creek is my favorite beach in the area. Have fun. Sick up there.

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    if you're willing to drive about 30minutes back into santa rosa, there is annadel for mtb-ing. as for Bodega Bay, if you've got a road bike, there are lots of options.
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    Search this board for "willow creek" and "sonoma coast state beach". There was a recent thread. Not exactly Bodega Bay, but...

    If you've got a roadie, take a loop through Occidental and Guernville.

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