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    New to Mountain Biking and New to Sacramento Area

    Hi Everyone,

    Finally decided to purchase a bike. Recently moved to Sacramento from southern, CA where i used to ride dirt bikes. Since i couldnt bring that with me i decided to get into mountain biking. Just wondering the best trails to get started out on. I am currently living in Fair Oaks and looking for some good places close by to get settled in on my bike.

    Any input would be great!


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    First I would check out the Hammerin Wheels meetup site if you want to get involved in group rides. Great way to get to know the trails and meet other riders.

    Check out Granite Bay for some fun, well groomed trails that don't require much technical ability. It cost $$ to park past the gate, but plenty of other places to park (outside the gate) and ride in.

    Your Local Bike Shop might be of some help to get you started as well.

    Hopefully others will chime in with other ideas.

    Welcome to the area. A lot of great riding nearby.
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    Welcome to the neighborhood and MTBR! I live close to you and can provide some start points for getting in some dirt miles. The only downside is that you will need to drive a bit for the more technical fun trails. Starting from Folsom on up the hill you will have access to great trails (30 min).

    Start your search with these places: Salmon Falls (Darrington Trail), Granite Bay, Lake Natoma, Auburn, SFART. That is the best place to start getting familiar with the biking in the area and what type of terrain and ability are in play.

    Some tips for biking in this area:
    Have enough water and get out early in the Summer
    A good number of trails are multi-use so get acquainted w/ how to deal with horses
    As you stated you are getting in to mountain biking, it would be a wise move to learn a bit about what is needed on the trail. Things like tubes, levers, pumps, tools, etc. are very important.

    The downside is that out of your door you won't be finding much mountain biking. Most dirt trails you see next to the river bike path are for horses and bikes are not allowed.

    Hope that helps you get started. Welcome and enjoy the trails!!

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    A global map of winds. Pretty cool.

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    Thanks for the help guys! I really appreciate it!

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    Google Wilma Cavitt junior high. It's off Fuller, Auburn Folsom. This will take ou into the park. You can also park at Folsom bike to get into Granite Bay. I just got back from Auburn, rode with some friends in my vet moto race club. I just switched to a pumpkin from a Yz. What do you ride moto?

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    I will look that up! Thanks! I have a 2007 450XC. It's still down in SoCal. I want to bring it up. I miss being on it. Hoping the mountain bike takes some of that urge away.

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    From your location Folsom & Salmon Falls are awesome after work rides (if you're a M-F 8-6er like me). & Auburn is a great weekend escape.

    Have fun & be safe!

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    I may be in the minority around here, but I like doing combined MTB and road rides.

    Anyhow, I went up to Sacramento last week and took my hardtail 29'er with me, and rode through the Granite Bay trails (some of it, anyways), then did a big loop up to Auburn, and back.

    Don't feel limited to MTB only. Here's the ride I did:
    MTB on the Road Folsom/Rocklin Loop - A bike ride in Sacramento, CA

    I don't know where you live in SoCal, either, but I live in Westwood (between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills) and I do combined road/MTB rides all the time in the Santa Monica Mountains. Check out my ride with gps page for about 20 of these types of rides that I do around here:
    The Road Warrior's Profile - View Their Bike Rides

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    New to Mountain Biking and New to Sacramento Area

    Nice ride. Bring your ht 29er Thursday nights at 6pm to Lakeside Beverage on Douglas/Auburn-Folsom to ride with the Hammerin Wheels MTB club. Last few weeks there have been 40+ riders!

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