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    Mas Grande El Gato en Los Gatos

    My buddy rode to the top of Kennedy and opted to decend Dog Meat yesterday around 3pm. As he started decending the first fast straight away near the top he spotted what looked like a large dog in the little flat area before the second big drop in (before the up). as he got closer he realized it was a mountain lion. The lion turned and saw him and headed into the bush. He tells me it was a very, very big cat and he was super happy that it departed near the fast straight away so he could get the hell out of dodge. He also said he was screaming like a madman at ground zero. I know this is all hearsay but he was pretty fired up and I believe him.

    Anyhow, have fun out there and leave your antler helmet at home if riding LG for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squashyo
    Anyhow, have fun out there and leave your antler helmet at home if riding LG for now.

    .....and don't ride slow or look infirm.

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    was your buddy carrying a mt lion knife?
    Poaching Demo...that's why we can't have nice things...

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    I'm going to invite two of my slowest friends on my next ride!!

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    That's why you always ride with someone else.
    I don't need to be able to out run a mountain lion, I just gotta out run my riding partner...

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    A couple of hikers/runners here at work have sighted a mt. lion on the top of Kennedy a couple months back. The thing jumped into the bushes, and stayed there growling at them.

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