• 09-17-2013
    Oro D
    From the Bidwell marina? The Loafer Creek riding is good, but mostly closed to bikes. Although, on the 18th-20th of October it will be open for riding during the 24/8 Hours of Gold race.

    A good out and back is to start at the diversion pool off of Cherokee road. Go to the end of the dirt road and cross the bridge. You will see a single track trail going off to the left. This will basically take you up to the top of the dam. Then you could continue out to the boat camp and back for 32 miles round trip.

    There is a loop ride that you could start from the top of the dam and go down that single track trail that I just mentioned. Then you would have to work your way over to the Nature Center. Then follow the Brad Freeman trail back to the top of the dam. I have heard of some riders veering off of the Freeman trail and riding the, for horses and hikers only, Dan Beebe trail up and over Sycamore Hill and all the way back to the dam. But, like I said, it's supposed to be no bikes.
  • 09-17-2013
    Thanks for the info. I did the out and back to the Bloomers boat in camping area and it was a good workout but pretty flat and all double track. I'll have to try the downhill trail off the cul de sac by the dam and ride down to the Diversion pools. I hear that has some pretty good downhill. I've heard the rangers won't give you a ticket on the Beebe trail if you are riding mellow so I may have to try that as well. Feather Falls is pretty close as well so I may have to check that out also.
  • 09-20-2013
    We have talked about Beebe before...yeah it's off limits to bikes, but I have not met a local rider that has not ridden it! In fact, I have ridden Beebe 20+ times, usually early Sunday mornings and have never once crossed paths with an equestrian. The local bike group rides the trail on occasion, but usually they ride it from the bottom up, which is a hell of a grind!

    The trail is fun, IMO the most fun in oroville and the sycamore hill climb/dh is awesome. It's not very technical, it's just a fun ride. If you ever want a guide, hit me up and I will show you around ;-)

    But if you want to ride it solo, be respectful and cautious and you will be fine....but you may have trouble finding the fun stuff.
  • 09-20-2013
    Thanks for the info and offer Norcalrider76. I would be nice to ride with someone who knows the area. For my next ride I was going to take the trail next to the dh course down to the Diversion pools and then ride back up either Beebe if no one is around or the Freeman trail if there are people on the Beebe trail. Would you recommend this route or would there be a better one. Do you guys also ride year round or does it get pretty muddy after it rains. I should be able to make it back up there towards the middle of October. Pete
  • 10-01-2013
    MAU poker ride at the Potters Ravine trailhead on Oct 5.
    Watch out bicycling buddies, lots of horses will be on the Potters trail between 10am and 2pm this Saturday. Best to avoid doing Potters and use extreme caution if heading out Northfork.
  • 02-03-2014
    Heads up! This past Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014, I was told by a State Parks ranger that he was going to be watching for the "regulars" who ride up into Loafer Creek on the Loafer Loop and Roy Rogers trails. As you know, these two trails are not open to cyclist at this time.
    How can you ride there legally?
    Write letters to the park superintendent and copy to the big wigs in Sactown asking to open these trails. Do it early, do it often!
    Join LOBO!
    Or just keep on like you have been and post here when you get caught so we can get the story!