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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck Pitueee View Post
    Nice shot! I heard first hand that Lassen got 8 inches in Mineral. So possibly more up higher.
    waiting for more info.
    Does not sound like it's road trip worthy
    Tahoe Weather, Conditions, Stoke, and What's Up Thread... - Page 100

    East winds were starting to rape things yesterday in Tahoe, at least got 3 good days of skiing in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck Pitueee View Post
    A lot like this. Stoked out of our minds after 2 weeks with no powder.
    Great video perspective. Looks like a great day and conditions!
    Wait whuuut, who did he tell you that!?!?....

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    Less dirt roadie for me.

    SF BMX Ride

    That's me, in the middle, behind my boy Trent (he's in the dark red shirt)

    How was your Saturday ?-59739_2753612456392_1309326340_n.jpg

    Walls were ridden

    How was your Saturday ?-67253_2753613936429_391573824_n.jpg

    Hang-5's were rolled (yes, that's rolling)

    How was your Saturday ?-223440_2753615736474_909876697_n.jpg

    Pegs were ground on ledges

    How was your Saturday ?-11322_2753630496843_1510875516_n.jpg

    It was a great day for BMX.

    How was your Saturday ?-377621_2753609776325_559419910_n.jpg

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    same for me

    Quote Originally Posted by IAmHolland View Post
    It sucked. I woke up to back pain, and knee pain which pretty much killed my ride plans. I didn't do squat outdoors, worked on some bikes to get it out of the work queue.
    Not quite as bad for me but close. Had to flake on a ride with a friend as he had to leave early to accommodate family stuff. I had the bike ready and in the truck the night before, but when I went out in the garage to get my bag ready (42 degrees, yeah laugh, but my knee started hurting within a few minutes) I knew I would just hold him up and I'd be suffering.

    Waited until 12:30 when it warmed up and did my home ride down to the lake and back multiple times (and picked up some trash after watching the ducks for a bit). Had to fly to IL Sunday so no chance for a ride (BTW, it's NOT cold here, come to Chicago if you want cold).

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