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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalk View Post
    but Greaegle Creek wasn't impressive. Yespecially at the end you loose a lot of elevation on fire road.
    You missed some fairly new singletrack. See the dashed line by the U to the V to the W: Lost Sierra Endurance Run-Maps

    The dotted line is fire road.

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    Thanks for all the great info. Yeah i have the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship map.
    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_Beer View Post
    I'm not sure of the name... here's the XC course climb: Strava Segment | Downieville XC Full Climb to Packer Saddle It's just a slog that'll suck your energy and might keep you from doing a 2nd killer ride the same day. If you're racing Dville Classic, it's good to at least check it out. Pretty straight forward climb. At about 4.5 miles up, you're at Blue Point... stay right at the fork. Once you hit the flat fire road up top, just stay left on that main road to Packer Saddle (still a couple climbs)... don't take any of the left side roads.

    Here's the climb up from Union Flat: Mountain Bike Ride Profile | Downieville. Union Flat, Butcher, 3rd Divide, 1st Divide near Downieville, CA 95936, USA | Times and Records | Strava

    For Packer to Graeagle, head north (on the fire road of course cough cough)... either head to Mt. Elwell (which will include a hike-a-bike to the summit... not terrible), then a long descent, connecting into the Graeagle Creek Trail to the bottom. Or take any of the options before Elwell (I trust you have a map) and work your way to either Graeagle Creek Trail, or head to Gold Lakes Lodge... cross the Gold Lake Hwy and climb up to Mills Peak and enjoy the descent.

    You really can't go wrong on any route in the area, as long as it isn't a random fire road that goes nowhere.

    Have fun!!
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    You are right. Our map didn't had that line and from fire road there was no obvious offshoots.

    Will keep that in mind.
    I used to run tubes like you are, but then I got thorn in my wheel.

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