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    GP Doctor recommendations in the Los Gatos-ish area

    This is sort of mtb related, since I augured myself into the asphault on a night ride on Wednesday night (long story), gave myself my very first concussion (completely out for 1 minute) and a trip to the hospital. The ER doc asked me to follow-up with my GP within 2 days to get a re-check, and I found out today that my GP who I've had for 16 years just retired. Sorry for the spam, but I'm looking for General Practicioner recommendations for docs in the South Bay - preferrably:
    * Office near Los Gatos/Camden/Union area
    * A doctor who cycles or specializes in sports medicine
    * you've had them for a while and LIKE them
    Please PM me (or add to thread) if you like your GP doc. Thanks!!!

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    now I know why you chose that avatar ...

    Sorry can't help you with GP recommendations, never been to the doc.

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    If you find a good one, can you pick me up some Vicodin...I am currently out of that delicious candy.

    (I'd recommend mine but last time I saw him, he stuck his finger in my ass and I didn't like it one bit)
    I'm not sure how this works.

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    I'm not big on docs, but Joe Morgensen has been great for the occasional visit. He's on Samaritan.
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    +1 for Morgensen.

    My wife and I have been with him for about 8yrs.
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    Ernest Thomas is a good GP. 408-378-2552
    Terrance Delaney is a good orthopod who rides. 408-402-5742
    Both in Community Hospital area.

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