Got this from MBOSC

MBOSC is presenting the film "Freedom Riders" 7 pm at the Rio Theatre on Thursday Sept 17th.

"The film is about an unauthorized trail system which became legitimate through a partnership between local riders and land managers. This is a story which could be repeated in Santa Cruz county if there is a willingness for both sides to work together. We plan to invite land managers from the State Parks district and BLM to see the film.

This film is a benefit to raise money for our local State Parks district to replace the sign at the entrance of the Wilder Ranch back country (~$4000). Any other left over funds will be given to the district to pay for capital maintenance costs.

The State Parks district has been very active in finding more legitimate mountain biking in the Santa Cruz area (even in this budgetary environment!) and we would like to express our appreciation by raising money to pay for the hard costs of maintenance. If you support our local parks then please check out this movie.