Flow vs arch

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  • 12-27-2012
    Flow vs arch
    Looking to build up some new wheels, should I go with stan's flow or arch's with white industries or hope hubs? They are for a 29er single speed I weigh 200lbs ride in auburn and Tahoe any suggestions would be helpful!
  • 12-27-2012
    Flow. I love wide rims after building a set of p35s. Traction and turning are off the charts.

    Both of those hubs are awesome.
  • 12-27-2012
    I'm about 185 and ride flows laced to hopes. It's a great setup.
  • 12-27-2012
    Definitely get Flow EXs.
  • 12-27-2012
    Between those 2....Flows. You're borderline too heavy for arch's on that terrain, assuming you ride with any significant level of intensity. And, as Thickfog suggests, the handling characteristics of the wider rim are superior.

    Before you commit, also check out the WTB i23 rims. Its basically a flow rim, but lighter and with a true UST bead. http://forums.mtbr.com/wheels-tires/...ms-750538.html
  • 12-28-2012
    FWIW I am ~ 185 and have been using the Arch EX rims with Hope Pro II hubs for the last year. While I do not 'bomb' downhills, I ride at an intermediate (usually 2x per week) on my SS and recently switched to Rigid. I ride over any and all terrain and have taken plenty of small jumps and bumps. Put maybe ~2000 miles on them and they have been solid. Never burped or rolled a tire and only flatted once with a Maxxis Ikon that I knew I should have changed out weeks before (nothing to do with the rim).
    I am more than pleased with the Arch rims and would definitely buy them again, but looks like I won't need to for a long while.
  • 12-28-2012
    I was going to go with White Industries but needed the bike completed for a trip and ended up going with different hubs (Mavic). I regularly ride with two guys that have white hubs just hard to beat and made locally in Petaluma. The customer service when I was doing research was top notch…
  • 12-28-2012

    Originally Posted by X-FXR View Post
    I was going to go with White Industries just hard to beat and made locally in Petaluma. The customer service when I was doing research was top notch…

    This^^^. I unwillingly sold a wheel with a geared WI hub ;(.
    CS is great. Have several FW's and an ecc one SS flip/flop hub for years.:thumbsup:
  • 12-28-2012
    I am well over 200lbs and run the Arches for the last four years. This past summer the rear rim gave out after thousands of miles and dozens of races.
    The rear rim was replaced with an Arch EX using the original Hope hub.
    I like the Arches for their stiffness, strength and low weight. On an SS, lightweight wheels are crucial.

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  • 12-28-2012
    Im 190lbs ready to ride. I have around 700 miles on a set of arch ex rims on my geared 29er hardtail. I also have flows(not ex) on my 26" fs bike. I'm totally happy with the arch ex rims. I ride them on rougher trails as well as buffed single track with tons of elevation, no issues so far. If you do get arch rims just make sure they are the newer arch ex model. The arch ex is stronger and wider than the older arch rims.
  • 12-28-2012
    I've beat the sh!t outta my Flows on a rigid SS and no issues at all after 2000 miles on them. Similarly, flows on a Tallboy and now those are on a Yelli Screamy with over 2000 miles total. I'm a Hadley whore and can't change my hub preference, but recently took a leap of faith and had Chad at Red Barn build me a set of Crests w/Hadleys and figured they'd be pretzels in no time since I'm 190 pounds. 1500 miles later they're still true and round. Like others have said though - width is wonderful. Flows if you don't care about the extra 100 grams.