• 12-16-2012
    Fairfax Stay Recommendations
    Hi Guys
    My daughter is scheduled to take the BetterRide class in Fairfax, any recommendation on where she should stay? Any concern with the bike being covered and locked inside the SUV?
  • 12-16-2012
    We stayed at the "Fairfax Inn" last spring when we took the BR MTB camp. Clean place and can ride your bike from the hotel to the training locations. They will also let you keep your bikes in the room as long as you cover the floor(we used some plastic sheeting).

    Fairfax Inn link:
    Fairfax Inn - Fairfax, CA.
  • 12-17-2012
    Yeah the Fax Inn is real nice and the owners are too, they had a hand in the great Indian restaurant in Fax that is still there under another name and owners.
  • 12-18-2012
    I wouldn't have any concerns with leaving the bike on the sidewalk unlocked. No issues at all in a locked SUV.
  • 12-18-2012
    bike will dissappear in Fax if you make it easy, and there was a rash on suv break ins' s. but use your smarts and it will be ok, just don't leave out over night/ cover and lock inside car, better yet bring inside.
  • 12-18-2012
    SS Hack
    The Inn is in a fairly high traffic area (for a tiny town) and the bike will be safe as long locals don't think it was put out for "free". Make sure to grab a ciabatta at the Good Earth, best around.