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    Ever Had One of Those Rides...

    I woke up this fine 4th of July feeling that a little me time was in order. I decided to drive about an hour and a half from my house and ride the infamous Loon Lake Death March. I've done it many times before, but not solo. Flow trail it ain't... It's technically unforgiving and the threat of bodily damage is real.

    I rode it with a friend a few years ago. While maneuvering through one section, he did an endo. En route, he caught his scrotum on his saddle and tore it open. Nothin' like stitches on your privates.

    Back to today... So, I start riding the trail and everything is going well. Then, crunch and my derailleur gets raked across some granite chunk, shearing the hanger. Normally this isn't a big deal, because I always carry a spare on me. Unfortunately, just two weeks ago, I ripped one off and was now running on my spare. I knew I didn't have a spare going in, but being human, I tend to assume that everything is going to be fine. Wrong choice for today. I would have normally jerry rigged my bike into a single speed, but this trail is a horrible candidate for that solution. I ended up strapping my derailleur to the chainstay and push riding my bike like a child on one of those gliders. I drove 3 hours round trip for an hour of riding and an hour and a half of gliding/hab. I will say at least I was solo and didn't screw up another person's ride.

    Ever Had One of Those Rides...-20130704_111018_resized.jpgEver Had One of Those Rides...-20130704_111609_resized.jpgEver Had One of Those Rides...-20130704_143451_resized_1.jpg

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    Damn...sorry. Could have been as bad as my story though: I woke up this morning prepared to do an epic 70 miles or so, lots of food already packed, clothing packed and ready, ready to meet wet conditions on the trail and have a blast....but I found the right rear tire on my car was at 6psi...a flat. Good luck finding a place to fix a flat on the 4th of July. Oh well, I rode some trails that are 2 miles from my house and they are actually decent. Was raining lightly and I one moose starting coming at me on the trail so I had to turn around at one point. Only did like 13-15 miles including the 2 mile ride out on roads to the trails...but hey, at least we got SOME riding in, right?

    I was on the edge of ordering some fancy carbon cranks last night...ordering some new car tires instead...

    I've done the Loon Lake Deathmarch
    "It's only when you stand over it, you know, when you physically stand over the bike, that then you say 'hey, I don't have much stand over height', you know"-T. Ellsworth

    You're turning black metallic.

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    Wow, Moose and ripped scrotums. Hard to beat that. Loon Lake has some fun chunk. Thanks for the report.

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    It seems that every so often, I am due to have one of the *those* rides when mechanicals/crashes just seem to compile in one event. I used to become extremely frustrated when this happened, but now I simply recognize it and accept that I am due for a clusterfock.

    This is sorta what happened last week when I rode Grouse Ridge (see link below). After sustaining what was probably a light concussion, I decided to simply walk out and cut my losses. In the words of Dirty Harry, a good man always knows his limitations.

    Grouse Ridge Attacks!

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    I break something pretty much once a week. It gets old and expensive really quick.

    At least you had some killer views!

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    Once when I was younger I was on a ride with my dad and my uncle where the weather turned ugly, we had parts break and everyone froze their balls off wearing shorts in a hail storm.

    At the end of the ride my uncle said "There are no bad rides, just some that are better than others"

    No matter what it was better than sitting at home watching TV.

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    I made it to the Hole in the ground trailhead on the 3rd only to find that I left my shoes at home...Turned around a drove home....

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    That is one sweet repair! Haha, I rode so bad today, I was wondering if something is wrong with me. You made my day with that picture, that is horrible! If that happens to me in the Sierra, I may try the ultra granny singlespeed. Fun story.

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    Mountain balance bikes. You may be on to something for the weight weenies.

    I may not have the best of everything, but I have the best everything that matters.

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    loon lake used to hunt and camp up there years ago. your pics brought back some good memories. beautiful place. never thought of riding up there. is Rob's resort still around for a post ride beer?

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    Ever Had One of Those Rides...-arm.jpgI can sympathies! I went over the bars in Auburn on Confluence... because I was dumb and was looking at the river and not the trial! Spent the rest of the day in the ER having rocks and dirt dug out my arm and getting it stitched up!

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