Just letting you hwy 50 foothill guys know, if you're looking for a different ride in the area that the El Dorado Rail Trail section between "Bullard" (Shingle Springs) and Placerville is pretty fun. Lots of burst climbs, never higher than 100' up or down since it's on rail land, and minimal time spent on actual rail bed, I'd say most is aggressive singletrack (90%) off to the side.

All different types of terrain. Mostly red dirt with rocks, lots of offshoots up random rooted hills. Plus the railbed rocks add some different flavor an are pretty good for training balance and drag.

Drinking fountain at a church 1/2 way in Shingle Springs. Total is 33 miles roundtrip from the locations given and 1300' but the tracks are visible opposite side of 50 from In n out Folsom, so map it and find your way to Latrobe or Bullard where I turn around. It actually goes up to Camino which is paved out of Placerville and maybe a mile or two of dirt bed to Camino. That is 1500' additional climbing.

Bullard to Shingle is very aggressive, Shingle to Placerville is a little more tame but still fun, and there are 2 (4 roundtrip) Strava segments with only 6 riders total which is why I post this. I need riding buddies!

SS friendly, I run 32 19 29" and I only have to push on 2 hills if loose rock slows me down. Also Cyclocross friendly if you want aggressive singletrack training. Theres a guy that was on a S Crux I saw one time.

Get out there and have fun!

Mountain Bike Ride Profile | 33 miles near Placerville | Times and Records | Strava I don't know if that works.