Right now things are beginning to dry out. We've been gravel grinding for two weeks with some incursions onto a few selected trails. Trails that can be ridden with not too much worry of damage are:

1-All of Confusion Hill
2-Gas tank
3-Manly Gulch
4-Steam Donkey
5-Big Tree
6-Parallel Action
8-Wagon trail
9-Jackaroo trail
10-Big River Trail to bottom of High Chutes (Closed to Woodlands from there)
12-Rd 630
13-Forest History
15-Miracle Mile
16-One Way
17-Roads 720, 700, 409, 408
19-Ames Lodge
20-Pole Line
23-Gas Cap rode it today - Great shape!
25-Eagle's Roost

Trails to Avoid are:

1-Rd 760
2-Ride Thru Tree
4-Marsh Creek from some where in the middle is closed to massive tree damage across trail.
5-Parallel Trail at the Scales.
6-Rd 508
7-Widow Maker - Major slide has closed the trail
8-Orchard - bridge is out
9-High Chutes
10-Dry Dock
11-Shithole -but it's always sh*tty (great if you love Sh*tty!)

Just to name a few.

We're A Trump Free Zone up here. A Safe Haven for thinkers and progressive bikers on our trails!

Current trail conditions in mendocino-idesofmarch.jpg

Consider sending a postcard on March 15th (Ides of March - et tu Brute) to the Orange Dude in the White House about how you feel regarding shameful appointments with those who wish to dismantle their respective agencies ie: EPA, Department of Education, Obama Care (Paul Ryan left holding the bag here) Not sure Rick Perry will want to dismantle the Dept. of Energy once he finds out what they actually do!.