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    Colorado Trail Summer 2014: An invitation (X-Post from Vacations)

    Colorado Trail Summer 2014:  An invitation (X-Post from Vacations)-19.jpg
    Had a few people back out due to injury or scheduling conflicts, so still looking for a few more riders and/or willing drivers (paid + lots of riding potential) for this trip the last week of August (23rd - 29/30th). Being as I live in the Bay Area and at least 2 other riders are from here as well, thought I'd see if I could find any other like-minded folks that want to join us; that and the "Vacations/Destinations forum doesn't get viewed much...

    With a life event of my own, (a new baby) we're taking 2 years to finish this instead of the 13 day trip originally planned, so we'll be riding 7, maybe 8 days and finishing near Gunnison. Hopefully next year we can get out and finish off the trail to Durango.

    Check out the trip details on the linked thread and PM me if you are interested or want more details/info.
    Colorado Trail Summer 2014: An invitation

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    Bump time...

    We have a full trip but still need a driver for the 2nd shuttle. If you'd like to spend a week in the Colorado high country, camping under the stars, soaking in hot springs, and riding miles of exceptional single track, while also getting paid then send me a PM ASAP.

    This ride will start on Friday the 22nd of August and will wrap up on the 30th with a travel day on either side. Since a bunch of us are heading out from Norcal, including our other driver, thought I'd see if anyone else out here would want to join us.

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