• 05-31-2007
    CCCX Race #7 Sat. 6/2 Roll Call
    So who is racing at Fort Ord CCCX Race #7 on Saturday??

    Jeffh and I will be there! :thumbsup:

    I got a new camera lens (70 - 200 mm) for my B-Day so I may have to try it out on the Sports and Expert Class, post your class and Number and I will try to get pictures.

    See You there!!
  • 05-31-2007
    Sport 45 to 54, number 14, SJBC kit
  • 05-31-2007
    I'll be there. Sport 19-35, riding an old GT Zaskar and wearing the MTBR jersey.
  • 05-31-2007
    Aussie Bob
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    Last Chance
    Im in got to see if I can do four laps with out cramping have been doing secret training;) See you all there:thumbsup:
  • 06-01-2007
    I'm in!
  • 06-02-2007
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    Today's race was on the fast East Garrison course. In my class Beginner 45+, Steve Germany once again set a blistering pace and won convincingly. At one point he was the overall leader after reeling in all the younger riders of the wave in front of us, but some time in the 3rd or 4th lap some of them took it back.

    I was able hang on to second place, but I see a lot of secret training in my future to keep up with Steve. :eek:

    Here's a few photos ibikergal and me took.

    1 : sirkrameroy
    2 : ibikergal
    3 : grrrah ( bringing me a beer ) :thumbsup:
    4 : rj2
    5 : Aussie Bob
  • 06-02-2007
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    A few more actions shots from today's races.
  • 06-03-2007
    Congrats to Jeff and Rafael for their excellent placings, and thanks for the cheers. :thumbsup:

    I had to settle for 7th in my class, but it was a good day of racing. A wicked fast course with just a few bumpy climbs/descents and a couple sand pits thrown in to keep you on your toes. See you all at the next one!