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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewtality View Post
    Well I guess it could be worse.
    There could be a maniac homeowner with a gun that lives along the trail system.
    Or a pruning saw. I wonder if this guys name is also Michael??

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    It's not a Michael tri-fecta....

    Since he was a jerk, and hasn't responded to a friendly, olive branch email I sent him, and I've heard another story of his bad behavior towards a young mt. biker, I'll out him: John Mansoor

    If you've had a negative interaction with this guy on a trail, please PM me.

    It appears the guy just doesn't like sharing trails with bicycles (even road bikes). Check out his statements in this document (Ctrl + F to search "Mansoor"):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_Beer View Post
    (Ctrl + F to search "Mansoor")]

    sounds like = ManSour .... it's all in the name.

    "reminding the group that off-road
    cyclists and mountain bikers who want to use dirt trails may present other issues.

    "he added that incorporating fire lanes into the trail system is a good idea.'

    Because Firetrucks are being held up inroute on the American River Pkw. ??

    "John Monsoor requested that GenCorp develop a minimum of two trails – one
    paved trail for bikes and a second, unpaved trail for runners/joggers and walkers.

    It's nice to spend other peoples money....

    Dont you know who I am?? I'm John Mansoor... and I have people who get rid of people like you...

    You should show up at a meeting with a nice size monitor and play them all the vid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_Beer View Post

    I kinda like how the rider in black behind him looks like either a conjoined twin or the devil on the shoulder "yeah yeah, you tell them Monsoor, you tell them!"

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    I wonder if old John was out scouting the course for the new "Gold Rush 100K" running race that will be held on May 11th, 2013 (since it is a Sacramento Running Association event and John is the Executive Director of SRA). Coloma to Sutters Fort via Cronin Ranch, South Fork American River Trail, Sweetwater, etc. etc. -> Gold Rush 100

    (man that would make a SAWEET course for a MTB race!)
    Course map: Course Details | Gold Rush 100

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    I was riding china camp (what else is new lol) and I was starting down the switchbacks and a woman down below stopped, turned around and yelled up, pretty much as loud as she could, "HIKER"! I had already seen her before she yelled and by the time I reached her we were both in the clearing area at the bottom of the switchbacks. Mind you I did not slow down because I was far enough away that my speed wasn't the issue. I came to the clearing and said "I am passing you on your right". When I passed her she said "thank you for at least telling me where you are". It was my first experience with HIKER HATE lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by zon View Post
    You talkin' 'bout me??

    You know I am

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